Sunday, April 7, 2013

Abacoa Golf Course, Jupiter, Florida - Course Review

Abacoa Golf Club 

Jupiter, Florida, United States

Architect: Joe Lee (1989)

7,200 Yards, Par-72

Rating/Slope: 75.3/140

My Quick Review: A perfect Doak 2 -- grab a beer, hop in your GPS cart and enjoy the excellent conditions.

Abacoa Golf Course really is the perfect fit for the definition of a Doak 2. The course is in excellent conditioning, especially when compared to many of the public courses in the same locale. The carts have GPS. There are a lot of demanding shots requiring forced carries over water. But, the course completely falls apart with any sort of criticial analysis.

2. A mediocre golf course with little or no architectural interest, but nothing really horrible. As my friend Dave Richards summed up: “Play it in a scramble, and drink a lot of beer.” Perfect.

To me, the most notable aspect of the golf course were the many jigsaw-puzzle-shaped greens. Perhaps this is the easiest way to vary difficulty from day-to-day -- centre pins for everyday play and pins in the jut-out pieces for tournament play.

A few images...

The approach over water is the norm:

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