Monday, September 3, 2012

Milford Manor Golf Course Review

Milford Manor Golf Course 
Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

Architect: Unknown

1,400 Yards, Par 33

Rating/Slope: NA/NA

My Quick Review: Super-quirk for $12.  Worth seeing at least once.

Milford Manor is a 9-hole family run golf course that is as quirky as they come.  There is no clubhouse and no on-site staff -- payment is on the honour system and it's $12 for 9 holes.

The setting of the first tee is far from serene, but, heck, that's never hurt Pebble Beach's reputation.

As seen from behind, the push-up green at the 100 yard 1st can be an elusive target with a hidden bunker/tree double-hazard guarding the rear.

A 90 yard drop-shot par-3 at the 2nd with OB lurking on the right:

The uphill par-4 3rd at 230 yards features a reverse-cambre fairway and a green set perfectly at the top of the rise:

A look at the (sadly) NLE 4th hole, which at one time was set nicely against the water:

The current 4th is a mere pitch of 50 yards over a valley of sin:

The 5th is a dangerous 210 yard par-4 over a diagonal hazard and OB left ready to catch any pulled tee shots:

Of little interest is the 135 yard 6th, but it is a way to get to the far more interesting 7th:

At 275 yards the 7th is a short par-5, but trouble lurks everywhere.  Some will be tempted to drive the green though the smart play is to the left, the only place from which one can access the green:

This plateau green is set amongst the trees and calls for the highest level of precision.

As seen from 50 yards out, approaching from the right is near-impossible, requiring a very delicate pitch under tree limbs over broken ground:

Missing left leaves an even more difficult recovery over a ridge and under the trees:

The 235 yard 8th shares a fairway with the 7th and its short yardage will tempt the golfer to give-a-go at the green around the corner:

At 160 yards the par-4 9th is as quirky as holes come.  This short par-4 features a greater than 90 degree dogleg and requires a tee shot as near the outside of the dogleg to leave a clear view of the green:

Failing to hit the tee shot long enough leaves an obscured view of the green:


  1. Stayed at Milford Manor many times in the mid to late 80's, until they closed the Manor. Was a great place for young couples with young kids, baby sitting was excellent. The 9 hole course was crazy, first and last time my Ex beat me on a golf hole. It was that 100y 1st she somehow birdied it her first ever and me in shock bogied it. They also ran a Crazy Monkey Golf Tournments for guests, was couples against other couples and there were crazy things like Teeing off sitting on a toilet, or with your arms around your partner, hollowed out logs on the greens to go through. On Canada Day they had a closest to the pin from way up where the cabins were down to 4th green then by the water.
    Thanks so much for posting, (How did you find it?) huge memories for me.

  2. In the late 60s to early 70s we vacationed in Milford Manor several years (5?) in a row. My brother and I played this course countless times. This post brought back a lot of memories, too. I do remember Monkey Golf! I remember having to putt the ball like playing a pool shot.

    We made lifelong friends during those years. The same families would return the same week, and we always had a great time.

    I remember my first years at Milford Manor were in the kid's program where we'd take hikes in the woods, have swim parties, hayrides, sand castle contests, etc. We eventually grew out of it and the last couple years were on our own all day for the most part. We returned one last time after a break of a few years and stayed in the lodge (rather than a cabin). I can't remember how old I was but must have been around 14 or so. Just our dad went (mom was working) and it wasn't the same - probably because it wasn't the same week. But Milford Manor will always be a part of my life.

  3. I too remember the years we vacationed at Milford Manor, what a great time. I think the first year we went was 1969 and I was just 5 years old. I fell in love with golf on that quirky little course and while golf was not the sport of choice for most young boys, I loved it and never stopped playing. My parents got special permission for me to not attend the kids club/child care and I spent almost every day, all day on the golf course. We went back to Milford Manor every year for 7 years in a row and always went the same week in late June. The pictures of the course have brought back so many great memories. Thank you for sharing!!