Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Ontario Top-50 Golf Courses

With the recent release of the Score Golf Top 100 Courses in Canada and the subsequent debate, I thought I'd see how my rankings compared to Score's. I have played every course in Ontario that cracked Score's Top-100, but my rankings are awfully different than theirs. Some of the courses I haven't played in several years (Mississaugua and Oakdale among others) and as a result I am less sure of their rankings. In putting this list together I realized one thing for sure... we are lucky to have such a depth of quality golf courses in Ontario.

Anyways, for what it's worth, my Ontario top-50. Comments?

Rank Course
1 St. George's
Devil's Paintbrush
4 Hamilton
6 Rocky Crest
7 The National
Beacon Hall
10 Westmount
11 Bigwin Island
12 Scarboro
13 Lookout Point
14 Osprey - Hoot
15 Oviinbyrd
16 Weston
17 Kawartha
18 Brantford
19 Eagle's Nest
20 Mississaugua
21 Osprey - Heathlands
22 Muskoka Bay Club
23 Summit
24 Thornhill
25 Redtail
26 Glen Abbey
27 Rosedale
28 St Thomas
29 Heron Point
30 Devil's Pulpit
31 Oakdale
32 Cherry Hill Club
33 Mad River
34 Cataraqui
35 Ridge at Manitou
36 Wyndance
37 Burlington
38 National Pines
39 Deer Ridge 
40 Maple Downs
41 Taboo
42 Lambton
43 Tarandowah
44 Deerhurst
45 Grandview
46 Port Carling
47 Oshawa
48 Bond Head (South)
49 Black Bear Ridge
50 Cobble Beach

And numbers 51-60 would probably include...
King Valley
London Hunt
Copper Creek
Lora Bay
Angus Glen - South
Lake Joseph Club
Eagle Creek


  1. This is a great list for Ontario. Do you have any further thoughts around how the Score list could be further segmented i.e. public vs. private, modern vs. classic, etc.

  2. I love your course reviews. I just started golfing again in 2010 after a 20-year absence, but have played 13 of your top 25 in the past 3 years.

    1. I agree with most of the list, though Glen Abbey would be much further down on mine. I play it a few times every year and it always reminds me of the lobby of a historic Fairmont hotel - you can tell it used to really be something special but hasn't weathered the test of time as well as we would have hoped.

      I'd also put Muskoka Bay in the top 10 and Wyndance in the top 15. Good call with Summit.

      Great list overall and indeed a welcome reminder of how many solid tracks we have in the province - too bad so many of the best are private.